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  •  Clifton

    Clifton, a residential community, is widely known for its suburban charm and attractive homes on tree lined streets. Clifton is located in Passaic County on 21 miles west of New York City. As part of the New York metropolitan area, Clifton benefits from the resources of larger cities. The bus, train, air and highway facilities make Clifton an outstanding area for local commuters.

    Homes in Clifton vary in style from ranches, split-levels, cape cods, colonials, bi-levels, English Tudor, multi-families and condominium dwellings. Clifton residents become involved in community activities from Little League to senior citizen outings and free concerts for all. There is Passaic-Clifton YMCA/YWCA and a Passaic-Clifton Jewish Community Center. The health care facilities are located throughout the city and work in conjunction with the local hospitals. There are two libraries and four post offices. The local retailers provide for the many needs of the consumer. All in all, Clifton appeals to anyone who wants to live in a relaxed communal atmosphere.


    Named in the honor of General Joseph Bloomfield, a Revolutionary War hero and former governor of New Jersey, Bloomfield, with a population of slightly more than 53,000, is a sprawling community just 14 miles from Manhattan. Among its numerous, distinctly unique neighbors, the thriving, centrally located area known as "Bloomfield Center" is the focal point of the town. Visiting there you will find the historic "Village Green" surrounded by large and gracious Colonial style homes, shops and businesses of every description, small but energetic Bloomfield College, a well equipped public library, the post office, the municipal building and Bloomfield High School. For those who may prefer a more serious setting there is the Brookdale setting a the north end of town where you will find superb Brookdale Park surrounded by picture perfect Colonial and Tudor style homes.

    Cedar Grove

    Tucked between the crests of scenic first and second mountains, Cedar Grove is just 15 miles west of the Hudson River along the western border of Montclair. Ask someone from Cedar Grove what they like about their town and you will most likely hear about rolling, wooded hills, quiet family streets, small town atmosphere and convenient proximity to just about everything.

    For a sample of life in Cedar Grove, ride or job around the picturesque Cedar Grove Reservoir on a sunny fall day or maybe take in a beautiful sunset from one of the town's lofty vistas. Newcomers to the area find it hard to believe that such beauty and tranquility can be less than one hour's commuting time from the nearby hustle and bustle of New York City. Either activity will tell you a lot about why just over 12,000 Cedar Grove residents wouldn't be happy living anywhere else.

    Home styles run the gamut from cozy Colonials and handsome Tudors in Cedar Grove with a dash of Ranches and Cape Cods mixed into both communities for flavor. Recent home sales have ranged from as low as $120,000 to well over $1,000,000 with the average sale price coming at approximately $222,000. For those considering a new home, Cedar Grove has some new construction available for $550,000 and up in the prestigious Park Ridge and Bradford Estate areas.

    Elmwood Park

    Elmwood Park Borough is 68% residential, 13% commercial, 13% industrial and 6% other. Minimum lot size requirements is 50' x 100'. Price range for homes is $120,000 to $150,000.

    Trash is collected twice weekly by private contractor. There is a full time Police Department service, 32 men in force. The Volunteer Fire Department has 4 Companies. There is also a community supported ambulance and a Public Library. Transportation services are buses and Taxi service. There are 3 churches and 1 synagogue in Elmwood Park. The nearest hospital is Hackensack Hospital, which is about 4 miles away.


    Garfield City is 85% residential, 7% commercial, 1% industrial and 7% other. Price range for homes is $100,000 to $150,000. Gas lines, water lines and sewers is up to 100% of the City. Trash is collected twice a week by private contractor. There is a full time Police Department service, 55 men in force. The Volunteer Fire Department has 175 men in force, 5 stations. There is also a community supported ambulance. The Public Library is open 6 days a week. Transportation services are buses, train and Taxi service to New York City. There are 12 churches in Garfield. The nearest hospital is Beth Israel Hospital in Passaic, which is about 1/2 mile away. The nearest large shopping area is Saddle Brook, located 2 miles away.

    Little Falls

    The township of Little Falls was incorporated in 1868, formerly being part of Acquackanock township. It is a suburban community with excellent access to major highways.

    Little Falls has Public Library which is located at 8 Warren Street. Its offerings and hours of operation are available by calling 256-2784.

    The Little Falls School System consists of 2 elementary schools and 1 middle school for grades 4-8. High school students attend Passaic Valley High School located in the township.

    A twelve member Recreation Committee oversees an extensive recreation program for all ages - from Tiny Tot tennis lessons to Senior Citizen exercise classes. Activities include: football, volleyball, basketball, softball, soccer, tennis, ski trips, theater trips, day camp....to name a few. Facilities include a Community Center, several athletic fields and tennis courts. The commission is continually expanding. Updated bulletins of events are mailed to residents.


    Ask someone who lives Montclair what their town is all about and you might hear "Montclair has it all!" A quaint community on a large scale, Montclair's diverse population of 37,729 residents is proud of its unique heritage, its tremendous creative energy and its numerous cultural programs. Because its landscape is dotted with shopping areas (many with the faintly European flavor of a Tudor era English village), no resident has to go far to pick up a quart of milk, a newspaper, a bagel or croissant, visit an interesting shop or make a bank deposit. Local restaurant offerings range from a spot where you can enjoy a cup of espresso to gourmet establishments serving complete exotic meals.

    Although Montclair is a checkerboard of tree-lined streets, those wanting to get a little closer to nature can visit no less than ten public parks offering everything from jogging to summer operas under the stars. If jogging isn't enough exercise, there are 3 public swimming pools, and indoor iceskating rink plus 21 public tennis courts.


    The town of Nutley is a cozy and convenient community with homes of varying architecture and costs. Stately homes in the Kingsley section and public buildings on the National Historic Register characterize its older neighborhoods. Modern single family homes and condominiums express the complement. A view of New York's Empire State Building focuses attention on Nutley's prime location for Manhattan commuters, theater lovers and big city aficionados. Nutley has a library which is located at 93 Booth Drive. Its programs for adults and children can be found by calling them during business hours at 235-1600.

    The Nutley education system consists of 5 elementary schools, one middle school, grades 7 through 8, and thereafter students attend Nutley High School, grades 9-12. A full time director supervises activities and facilities for 32 parks and athletic fields, 2 public tennis courts, a private swim club, special programs for senior citizens, supervised playgrounds and adult and student programs.

    Together with the major industries, beautiful parks and a fine mix of residential dwellings, Nutley can be considered a city with much to offer.


    The city is centrally located within fifteen to twenty miles from Manhattan, the Meadowlands, Penn Station in Newark, Newark International Airport and major shopping centers. People who commute to New York City have found a haven here. This is primarily due to the convenient train and bus accommodations, as well as the accessibility to many major highways.


    Set between the Hackensack and Passaic Rivers, Rutherford is primarily a residential area with quiet tree-lines streets and stately homes. A 19th century train station stands guard at one end of Park Avenue, the borough's main thoroughfare. Some of U.S. presidents have stood on that platform including Teddy Roosevelt, William Taft and Woodrow Wilson.

    Along Park and Union Avenues, shoppers can choose from nearly 150 stores. Other commercial developments is limited to a 10 acre park.

    Incorporated in 1881, with a population of only 1,000, Rutherford's first residential dwellings were summer homes built by wealthy New Yorkers along the Passaic River. John Rutherford came here to build a summer home in 1808.

    Rutherford's four parks, including 30-acre Memorial Park, offer a variety of recreational opportunities. Free concerts at Lincoln Park's Band Shell are also a summer tradition.

    Culture is plentiful in Rutherford, home of the fames Williams Center.

    Sports fans will appreciate Rutherford's close proximity to the Meadowlands Sports Complex which is minutes away.

    Saddle Brook

    The township of Saddle Brook is 60% residential, 16% commercial, 19% industrial and 5% other. Minimum lot size requirement is 65' x 100'. Price range for homes is $140,000 too $180,000.

    Gas lines and sewers to 100% of Township. Trash is collected twice a week by private contractor. There is a full time Police Department, 33 men in force. The Volunteer Fire Department has 100 men in force, 3 stations. There is also a community supported ambulance. The Public Library is open 7 days a week. Bus, Train and Taxi services are available to New York City.

    There are 1 Catholic and 1 Protestant church in the Township. Recreation facilities include 3 local parks, 1 county park, 5 public playgrounds supervised in summer, 1 athletic field and 1 public tennis court. The nearest hospital is Hackensack, located 2 1/2 miles away. Local shopping facilities are available, including 2 small malls and 1 large mall located within the town.